One night, low back pain, and vice versa?

Tormenting night back pain not only violates the full night of sleep and rest. That can be a symptom of any disease. But before you go to the doctor, you need to observe, such as the time the pain persists after the morning, leaving the bed. If a quarter of an hour passed, perhaps, the reason is not medical in nature.

the back pain night

Often, lower back pain of the night due to uncomfortable sofa bed. Experts recommend change for the rest. If after a few days to sleep in another bed, the lower part of the back will no longer hurt, so that you can be happy – that they are healthy. Just need to change the bed mattress is orthopedic or replace an old sofa to a new, comfortable surface.

At the same time, to strengthen the muscles of the back will not be superfluous to swimming and yoga, to go ten-day course of massage. When you save the pain in the back, requires a thorough study to establish a precise diagnosis.

The main medical causes of night pain lumbar

When the night back in the lumbar region, this in itself is not a reliable sign of a specific disease. Back pain in different pathologies. Therefore, the task of the doctor to remove the patient affected from the disease from other diseases with similar symptoms.

More often, the lower part of the back hurts in the night of the following conditions:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • herniated discs;
  • ankylosing spondylitis.

Osteochondrosis degenerative process in the cartilage and the bone tissue which leads to severe degenerative changes in discs and vertebrae. The cause of the disease are, as a general rule, chronic overload and occurs in the collection of numerous micro-injuries of the vertebrae. The bodies vertebral are deformed by friction against the other. The disease is accompanied by pain night pain in the back.

Give similar symptoms of a hernia. In the presence of a herniation into the spinal canal is pinched in the spinal cord, nerves, and blood vessels. It triggers the appearance of nocturnal spinal pain.

Ankylosing spondylitis is also called ankylosing spondylitis. It is a systemic disease that primarily affects the joints, the spine and the surrounding soft tissue. The night of pain in the lumbar region is one of the main characteristics of this disease. After waking up and getting out of bed the pain disappears immediately, but only after a couple of hours. Reduce the pain help movement and a hot shower.

Exact diagnosis will allow the doctor to prescribe the most appropriate treatment of the disease. Self-treatment with the appearance of nocturnal spinal pain is not recommended. After more diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe a drug therapy, including numb.

If the cause of the pain was one of the list of diseases it is necessary not symptomatic, and systematic, comprehensive treatment of the disease itself. After the healing of the underlying condition night pain stop.

Several causes of lower back pain night

In addition to the most common diseases, there are other factors that lead to a night of sharp or persistent pain in the lumbar region. The source of back pain during the night might be:

  • transferred earlier trauma of the spine;
  • the instability of the spine;
  • causes psychogenic;
  • muscle spasm;
  • of the kidney disease.
new treatment

Injuries of any spine does not pass for a human without a trace. Then it may remain sluggish inflammation, pinched nerve branches, and other negative consequences. Over time, they manifest themselves with pain in the lower back or other parts of the back.

The instability of the spine characteristic of the women in the time after the menopause. The instability can also have an aetiology genetics. Sometimes, a lower back pain at night and muscle spasms.

When the kidney disease night is not so much localized pain in the low back, as the spine thoracic. Sand or stones in the urinary system, acute or chronic pyelonephritis, other kidney diseases that can cause pain radiating to the sternum from the back. Characteristically, renal diseases inflammation is worse at night. Day of the pain syndrome is manifested not so bright.

The kidney disease accompanied by, in addition to the night of pain, very specific symptoms. In particular, the patient has fever, he suffers from pain when urinating, you will often have to go to the bathroom at night. Correct diagnosis the doctor can only after passing the tests and examinations of the kidneys with ultrasound.

When the back pain should not ignore the psychological reasons. The strong mental stress experienced by the patient, speaks primarily of the spine as the spine of the entire human body.