How to get rid of back home?

Many people suffer from back pain. These diseases are very common. The pain can lead to both acute and chronic. Acute pain usually occurs suddenly and is intense. And chronic cause the person discomfort for a long time. How to get rid of back pain?

Reasons that cause back pain

How can you get rid of back pain? Initially, it is necessary to establish the reasons of their occurrence. Pain in the lower back, even in the elderly are not a sign of old age. This is widely regarded as a neglected health problems.


The factors that cause discomfort in the lumbar region, not always age-related. Back pain can occur in children. The reasons are the following:

  • Injuries of the spine. The pain can bother you even after the treatment.
  • Incorrect posture can cause curvature of the spine. When scoliosis occurs, the displacement of the center of gravity and the uneven distribution of the load on the vertebrae.
  • Inflammatory processes in the tissues of the vertebrae or intervertebral hernias often cause pain in the low back.
  • Diseases of the organs (kidneys, liver) can also be accompanied by pain in the back.

There are a number of reasons, which are caused by external factors:

  • The inadequate distribution of the load in lifting and carrying heavy objects can cause back pain.
  • Prolonged exposure of the body in an uncomfortable position causes muscle tension in the back, and, in consequence, the appearance of pain.
  • The discomfort that may cause drafts in the room.

How to get rid of back pain? The therapy should be chosen taking into account the etiology of the disease. For example, another type of lower back pain can occur in pregnant women, in relation to the displacement of the vertebrae, stretching the muscles of the back.

How not to start the pain?

How can you get rid of back pain? To get rid of him when the causes exact. Independently put a diagnosis is not always possible.


The correct option will be to visit a neurologist or orthopedist. After a review of all the symptoms, he will be able to determine the true cause of the discomfort. And in this case he will be prescribed treatment. Because you have to defend not only with the consequences (symptoms) of the disease - identify the factors that cause this.

In the first place, before diagnosis by the use of analgesics ("Analgin", "Aspirin", "Ibuprofen"). In addition to the medication, relieve pain at home help of some methods.

How fast to get rid of back pain?

Acute pain that occurs suddenly may be caused by a person's movement or lifting heavy objects. This can lead to the stretching of the back muscles and the pain.

In this case, you need to stay in bed for many days. If it is not possible to seek the help of a specialist, use a few simple tips.

How to get rid of back pain? To reduce the pain in the lower back can apply ice. There are several ways:

  • as a compress, you can use a damp cloth in the batch, age it in the refrigerator for half an hour;
  • put them in the bag cubes Luda and apply to the sore place;
  • you can make a variety of frozen foods (vegetables, meat).

Applying this compress in the wrong place, you need to wait until the pain is reduced.

How to get rid of pain in the muscles of the back? In some cases, instead of cold it can be served hot. 3 days after acute pain, you can deal with thermal packaging. The patient lies on his belly and on the back, put a warm towel that is wetted in the tincture of anti-inflammatory herbs. At the top is placed a package and placed it on a heating pad. The procedure of time of not more than 30 minutes.

Very effective technique - the alternation of cold and heat due to the difference stimulates the normalization of the circulation of the blood.


How can you get rid of chronic back pain?

How to get rid of back pain for always? Very often people who suffer from constant pain. To completely get rid of it, you should change your style of life.

Often the discomfort occurs when a person sleeps on a soft bed. To not feel pain, it is better to sleep on an orthopedic mattress and pillow. In this case, the weight of the body during sleep is distributed evenly along the spine.

A proven resource that you can use at home for back pain, is considered to be acetylsalicylic acid. The drug is based on to help relieve the inflammation that can cause discomfort. Sometimes completely get rid of the pain "Ibuprofen".

Back pain during pregnancy

How to get rid of back pain during pregnancy? Discomfort in the back pain that a woman experiences during the period of gestation, it is not always possible to remove it. Because the cause of the pain are the changes in the body.

There are several reasons for this pain:

  • growing together with the fetal stomach, tighten the muscles, the creation of new tension;
  • during pregnancy it causes curvature of the spine, as a result, he adopts a strange position;
  • the growth of the fetus begins to put pressure on the urogenital organs of the female, which can also cause pain.

How to get rid of back pain? To reduce the back pain, a pregnant woman can use some tips:

  • wear shoes with low heels;
  • to sleep on a hard mattress;
  • to carry out special exercises for pregnant women that can reduce the pain;
  • compresses, especially hot, it is best not to apply.

The physical effort in back pain

To get rid of back pain help of swimming, special exercises.

How to get rid of back pain? Yoga helps to relieve back pain if you do it 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes.

The exercise helps to stretch the muscles. Motion to improve circulation. This man is completely distracted from the pain.

Walk - the easiest way of physical activity. You need to Hike for hours every day.

Acute pain should be lying on a hard surface. Then, lying on back, raise legs and lean them against the wall. So completely remove the burden of the spine. Muscles should be like this:

  • alternatively, pulling up the toes;
  • relaxing and Contracting the muscles of the buttocks.

How to get rid of back pain? Exercise in the form of stretch marks and help to relieve the pain. Recommended to perform these exercises while sitting or lying down, alternately bending one or the other leg. Prohibited to do the following:

  • the leg of humour;
  • squat;
  • to download the press.

How fast to get rid of back pain?

Get rid of back pain and neck. When a unknown cause of pain, you can use therapies in the home:

  • Diet. In some cases, the pain may be a violation of blood flow due to increase cholesterol and reduce the elasticity of the blood vessels. To solve this problem, it is necessary to exclude from the diet fatty foods, eggs, pork, meat broth.
  • To get rid of back pain through the use of methods of psychological. You must imagine the pain in the form of matter that disappears, dissolves. The most important thing is definitely believe. You can make the attempt to transfer the pain to another place. Imagine the pain moved to the ear, nail, head.
  • For the relief of pain has to refrain completely from coffee and tea. To reduce spasm vascular, you need to completely stop Smoking.
  • To restore the circulation of the blood is necessary to apply compresses, constantly engaged in physical therapy.

To reduce back pain we need to completely change your lifestyle and abandon bad habits.

How to relieve back pain traditional methods?

How to get rid of back pain for always? To eliminate the pain in the back, you need to:

  • Mix camphoric and coconut oil, boil for 5 minutes. Leave to cool and store in a glass bottle. Once a week massage on the lower back.
  • In the bathtub with lukewarm water and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Periodically, taking a bath, you can get rid of back pain.
  • Before you shower massage the back of mustard oil. Better to take a shower with hot water.
  • In a sock put rice and tie it. Put in the microwave for a few minutes. Then, you must connect the sock in the affected area.

These methods of pain relief should be used only healthy.


Dangerous symptoms of pain

In some cases it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor:

  • appears when back pain is accompanied by fever, pain in the chest, difficulty breathing;
  • the pain is bothering more than 3 days, and its intensity decreases;
  • the pain of a chronic nature observed for 2 weeks without improvement;
  • the pain experienced in the foot or the leg.

When there is pain in the back and no serious diseases, you should make physical exercise a soft, compresses and other treatments.